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Flood Alert (As service or tray apps)

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(I know... I know... using IE yuk!)
-BigVent (April 17, 2013, 04:21 PM)
--- End quote ---

seems logical enough, at least you're fairly sure most people have it :)

Updated version:

* Dynamic Hotkeys have been added (editable txt file that is created so you can use your own)
* Menu tray items have also been added (right click the icon near the clock versus using hotkeys)
    *possibly* do away with hotkeys all together if the menu tray items are the preferred method
* Consolidated arrays, functions, and other items for better efficiency

* Working on text & email functionality


@tomos:  You're correct!  Or at least it's the theory I'm counting on.



Updated version:

* Added a few tray menu items (right click icon & view options)
* Removed the dynamic hotkeys all together
* Added Email & TXT functionality -- enter email or txt information separated by semicolons (e.g. [email protected]; [email protected])
* Change your location or email information easily

Please let me know if you see anything that can be improved.


that was way more awesome bro!!!!!  :)

my thoughts:

* if we didn't put an entry on email/txt/smtp functions, will it not function by default? or can we have an enable/disable box for the email/txt/smtp functions(to save bandwidth/sms during non-alerting days) or a button to toggles between alerting/normal days?

* have a hyperlink to  - near the location selector(so they will have the initial idea where they are located)

* can we use a different icon? (lets look for one)

* can we name the apps as floodwatch.exe(instead of pagasa.exe) and rename "Philippines Flood Information and Alert" into "Flood Watch Philippines"

thanks in advanced :)


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