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Flood Alert (As service or tray apps)

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Hi guys! flooding is a major issue in our country(Philippines). I would like to ask for an app that always look on a website for an interval of 1 hour(or customizable). The user can customize/specify his region/area so he'll know if there's a flood threat in his area. the apps will specifically look for example, = if the file is 1.php it will trigger an alarm to the screen with 3 types of photo red/yellow/green(as our existing local forecaster set that) system. the weather here is unpredictable.. even if the weatherman told us, it will rain 20% tomorrow, but what actually happen is that it pulls the other's storm's water and drop in our area up to 3 story building high.

so here's the idea's overview:

1 the app can be just a service app or a tray app(the usual)
2 you can set what region you are(to tell what folder in server to look upon)
3 the app will look on the website( or 1.php or 2.php or 3.php ) every 1 hour
4 if it trigger, it will show a jpg(3 types of color) on screen. it means there's a storm with that level in their area.

* Thanks in advanced guys.. i guess this would help thousands of filipino lives if this would work. the active community of weather in the philippines is i just though of the idea I think it can help that community too..

 Download HERE

Hmmm...the seems to go to a domain registrar for that domain.  Am I missing something here?

Hmmm...the seems to go to a domain registrar for that domain.  Am I missing something here?
-skwire (October 25, 2012, 12:15 PM)
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the website is just a sample.. that is not the specific website, I can use mine( if ever.

Well, that begs the question.  Where is the weather data going to come from?

Well, that begs the question.  Where is the weather data going to come from?
-skwire (October 25, 2012, 12:39 PM)
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the weather data they(philippines storm update team) are announcing will came from 4 sources.. but the only 1 i known is, the other sensors came from japan etc.. the philippines storm update team are the people who independently dedicated themselves to research and report to that facebook group. I thought it would be great if there's an alerter application that they can control.


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