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1.35 Error saving file


I'm using fsekrit 1.35 without any problems for many years now. Just an hour ago something went wrong:

After opening a file and changing something, the attempt to save the file ended with Error saving file. Now when i try opening the file i end up with an empty page It seems the content and pass phrase are gone.

Is this still recoverable?

I don't have an answer to this, but until the author comes by i'll just give one quick piece of general advice.  If you ever have a program fail to save a file and give some error.

The first thing to do is go look in the directory where the file is stored and look for a backup file, and make copies of any potential backup or original files of the document before you do anything else.

Most importantly, don't try to resave the document until you do that.. You don't want to accidentally overwrite a good backup file with a copy of the broken file on subsequent save attempts.

Is this still recoverable?-Useless1 (October 23, 2012, 02:06 PM)
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Probably not :(

Prior to version 1.40, saves were done in-place, overwriting the original file - like how most applications save their changes. So if you don't have a backup, I'm afraid your data will be gone - you can try using something like Piriform Recuva (install to an USB flashdrive, NOT your harddisk!), but as a rule of thumb - your data is gone.

Version 1.40 (from 2009) saves to a tempfile before moving in place, so shouldn't have this problem.

I'm very, very sorry if you've lost data :(

f0dder>Version 1.49 (from 2009) saves to a tempfile before moving in place, so shouldn't have this problem.<

You mean 1.39 and not 1.49 yes ?


You mean 1.39 and not 1.49 yes ?-SKA (October 23, 2012, 09:07 PM)
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1.40, fixed :)


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