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Feature request: clear contents via hotkey, button, or method

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I need your wonderful Clipboard Help & Spell to have the ability to be cleared of all stored clips.

(E.g. if I've copied a password and pasted it into a web document.)

Whether there would be a hotkey to press, a menu item, or whatever, it would be a very valuable function for me.

Is it possible and likely to add this feature?

Thank you very much for a great program.

Yes, I was thinking of adding it in the latest version as it's on my todo list but I never got to it.
Let's discuss it now.

So are we thinking we want a menu item to completely wipe the database of *ALL* stored clips, or only from a certain group, or all but not those marked as favorites, etc.?

My vote goes for not being able to 'accidentally' delete favorites that way.
For *me* 'delete last x' is likely to always be more useful than any total wipes.


And I guess some password safe apps like KeePass should be on the ignore list by default, instead of sampleapp1 and sampleapp2 :huh:

I was thinking of only emptying the newly captured clips, not emptying the favorites.

And the easier to do this, the better (as long as it can't be done accidentally).



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