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File manager Desk & Archive

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I have developed file manager Desk & Archive.

I was not satisfied how other file managers work for my job (it is of administration type), so I decided to develop something that users like me, the one that deal with lot of office type documents would find useful.

Its main features are reinvented Desktop (so that its items like shortcut to programs, folders and normal files are spread across interface), reinvented Tabs (so that they work without manual work, application both opens and closes them automatically), and other new productivity features.

Application is available at If you decide to buy it till the end of October, you can use early adopters discount, just enter coupon code: cno2m. Affiliate program is also available, you can send me PM for more information.

Also, here is the screenshot:

Feedback and comments are welcome.

copy this to the deals and discounts forum too... we love coupons  :-*

im using your software already and i like it  :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Thank you, I must say this is great forum and I already like people from here very much! :)

It looks like it's features might be a lot more accessible than the better known file managers -
just wondering if it can be used portably?

I must say I don't have exact answer right now.

Program data cannot be portable, though it makes a lot sense, as your bookmarks should be different for different computers, I guess, so it might not be a problem.

I am unsure if it would run properly from USB flash (have to test it for that), but it should from USB hard disk.

However, at this point the biggest problem would be licensing, as it is licensed per computer. And I guess it doesn't make sense to license each computer for portable application. I might try some solution so that it is licensed for USB drive, but it requires some work and testing, so I can't say when it might be available or even that it will be available, for now.

But it is a very good idea, thanks for the comment.


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