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NANY 2013 Release: Customizable Remote Administration Panel (CRAP)

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Not sure if I missed it, but is it possible for the commands to run in an existing console window? This would be a great tool to create custom unix commands to run in a Putty console. I am an old DOS user and still have trouble with converting from Windows/DOS to Unix, with this I could save the commands I can never remember and access them with the click of a button!

Right now it uses cmd.exe to do its launching as was needed for what ConstanceJill was wanting.  I may make a option that can be toggled at some point that redirects it to a specified window as specified in the options as well that will find and send the text to a window instead of through cmd.exe.

This would be a great tool to create custom unix commands to run in a Putty console.
-DougalS (January 12, 2013, 04:06 AM)
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Wouldn't a decent clip-board manager be a better solution for that?

Program updated...found a few minor bugs no one found/reported. Now for what's new...Added the ability of the add/edit dialog when picking your icon if it is found that the icon is in the application directory or sub directory of the application directory that it will replace the application directory part with "<appdir>", so that you don't have to yourself.

Been trying to work on some of my applications as I get time. :)

Hello there and thanks for the update :]

I think I noticed some minor (one could qualify it of "cosmetic") issue with the new version though: it seems that, when launching a GUI driven command (such as mstsc for example), the CMD window stays open until either the user closes it himself, or the program which it launched is closed.


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