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NANY 2013 Release: Customizable Remote Administration Panel (CRAP)

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 - the tooltip displayed when mouse is over a button seems to have an unnecessary empty line at the beginning : Should be fixed let me know if not.
(Note: You can add your own custom fixed text to the tooltip as well and it will still show the other information as well below your text.)

 - also, the tooltip includes a line saying whether or not variable is ignored : removed as requested.
 - while the "&" character is now properly displayed in the status bar, it appears doubled in the mouse over tooltip : fixed.
 - would it be possible to let the custom and settings files have the xml extension instead of dat, since they appear to be xml ? :] : fixed.

Thanks a lot again :}

Thanks a lot again :}
-ConstanceJill (October 25, 2012, 01:14 PM)
--- End quote ---

Your welcome. :)

Hmm as I've posted on my last message on the original thread, it looks like this new version is broken :'( : whichever button I click, it just opens a cmd.exe window in the directory where the program's exe is.

Should be fixed sorry about that had to go do a few things away from computer.  Try now should be fixed.  :)


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