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PastePath PastePath initial release.  Hotkey that sits in Tray. Control Right Click in Edit of Standard Open or SaveAs Dialog pastes the path from the most recently active Explorer Window that's currently open. See About Box for info regarding Explorer Window selection if more than one is open.

It's just a simple hotkey to avoid drilling down in Open and SaveAs Dialogs.  The dialog must be a "standard dialog" meaning Windows gives it the window class #32770. Also the caption must start with either Save or Open.

The trailing backslash is included in the path. This should force most dialogs to display files in the target folder if you hit Enter.

See the included Readme.txt and About Box for more details.

You may download from this page:

Clever. Thank you :)

Clever. Thank you :)
-eleman (October 22, 2012, 11:38 AM)
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You're welcome. Thanks for the response. :)

hi Miles,
this sounds intresting :up:

I tried it with Win7 64bit and got this response:

Error:  0x8000FFFF - Catastrophic failure

Specifically: hwnd

--->   149: if (Item.hwnd = _hwnd) 

Continue running the script?
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Ok, I'll take a look at it.


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