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great idea!


i'm impressed with lbc (and i'm a registered user of true launch bar).  it still has a way to go but it shows promise and it it better on resources.  my only request is that i be able to bring up a toolbar by hotkey and be able to navigate it by keyboard.  i also see that you plan on adding folder support which is *great*.  i would just like to comment that the folder node needs two options:
  1) a node that shows the contents of a folder
  2) add folder contents to this node
this offers significantly more flexibility and also allows users to combine the contents of multiple folders into a single node (which is great for AllUsers/DefaultUser/LoginName folders like quick launch, favorites, and start menu).  it would also be useful for combining multiple playlist folders.

regardless, it looks great so far!


my only request is that i be able to bring up a toolbar by hotkey and be able to navigate it by keyboard.
-cracksloth (April 18, 2006, 08:51 PM)
--- End quote ---

I am totally behind you on that -- though, FRR almost entirely eliminates the need for LBC on my system . . . yet, I run both :)

FRR is great too!  but i currently use LBC for my short list of quick launch programs/folders and for situations where i need to navigate a list of files that i may not remember the specific name of (mostly playlists and documents).  obviously, these needs will be better met when the folder features are implemented (right now i update them by hand).  in short, i still love hierarchal organization for some stuff.  alternatively, FRR would fit this function if it implemented multiple configurations.  for example, i could use ctrl+space for the traditional FRR and alt+space for a hierarchal display like shortpopup.  personally, i would love to have this functionality in FRR but i don't think this is the direction FRR is going.  mouser and i have already discussed an explorer style plugin for FRR (which would work like shortpopup).  we will see when we hear the official word from the big cheese himself!  :)


i realize that i think mouser already plans to integrate frr and lbc.  i think this is a great idea.  but i hope that there will be an option to load the contents of a node in the main FRR results area so that it could browse subfolders rather than opening them in an external program.  but essentially this would mean adding the explorer feature...  looks like i am talking in circles  :)


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