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NANY 2013: Please post requests!

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Just wanted to mention that I finally tried EitherMouse out -- and so far it is indeed working rather well :up:

I'm afraid, I'm gonna top your "finally" by far – I just didn't manage to follow up on this earlier; sorry for the extremely late response to your tips.
I just downloaded EitherMouse and played a little with it (though not under "real life conditions" yet) and I agree, this seems to work pretty well. Every now and then some applications appear to "go offline" for a few seconds (i.e. they don't react to being clicked or on keyboard input), but up to now they've all returned after a few seconds.

Thanks for the great suggestion, and sorry again for the long delay.

P.S. It works even with a third device; just tried a little external touch pad in addition to the main mouse and the track ball on the left :D.

Thanks for reporting back!  Glad to hear that it seems to be working out  :Thmbsup:


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