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Portable alternative for Cathy (cataloging freeware) that runs on Win7 64 bit?

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It would be interesting to know what was sitting there that blocked your friend Cathy from working as expected
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but I guess we'll never know
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I'm afraid not.

And the key name also isn't very intuitive...
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I searched the registry for "cathy". Robert Vasicek is the name of Cathy's programmer, hence "rOva".

Hooooooraaaaaaaay!!!! Cathy works again on my x64 Win7 machine!!!!  :Thmbsup:  :onfire: :eusa_dance:

The solution: removing the registry entries created by Cathy (I deleted this HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\rOva and everything beneath)

That's why it did work when I logged in with another account. (HKEY_CURRENT_USER)
-zzynx (October 16, 2012, 05:44 AM)
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D'oh!  I thought after you said that the permissions didn't work... then what about the registry?  But most portable apps don't use the registry, either, so I discarded that in favor of permissions. *headdesk*

Glad you got it working!

Congratulations. :Thmbsup:

It would be interesting to know which folder/folders caused the problem.

For future reference:

In my case the problem was caused by:
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If you delete that key or set it to 0 (zero), cathy works fine but only once!
When it runs again it overwrites the key with new values ("0,1,-1,-1,-1,-1,1919219912,1818552521,1919221352,1818553281" in my case)
and on the next run you get an empty interface again.

I solved it by setting read only permissions on the Settings subkey for my user using regedit (even though I'm in the admin group).

Hope this helps.

I am impressed how well and blazingly fast Cathy is working on my 64-bits Win 7  :)

What is "Hit limit [512] < 10000"?


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