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Portable alternative for Cathy (cataloging freeware) that runs on Win7 64 bit?

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Until now, I used the freeware program "Cathy" to catalog my quite huge music library.
It is small (50Kb), portable, lightening fast in cataloging ànd searching the catalogs and produces one file per catalog.
This way I could take my searchable music librabry on a USB stick.

Recently I switched to Windows 7 64-bit and found out Cathy doesn't run on it. :(

Does anyone has a good alternative cataloging freeware?
It should be:
1) portable (so I can "install" it on a USB stick or in my Dropbox folder)
2) fast (or very fast) when cataloging and searching
3) the catalog should be searchable (of course) easily

It should be something like "Everything" ( but then not rescanning the disks every time you start it up,
but remembering the results of its previous scan(s) and work with that until I ask it to rescan the specific drives/folders again.

I'm aware of Gentibus CD, Visual CD and DiscLib. None of them fit the three rules above.
Any other suggestions?

I recently started using Virtual Volumes View.

I'm using a portable version (see links under News section at:

I don't have enough experience to speak about your points 2 and 3 though.

Right. I forgot to mention that one (VVV)  :-[
I recently tried VVV, but imo it definitely fails on point 2) (in comparison with the speed I was used to using Cathy)

Moreover, updating a catalog also isn't that user friendly, since you always have to respecify the path.
I contacted the developer about that, but he answered that the main goal of VVV was cataloging disks (CD, DVD) which always are in your CD drive and hence remembering the path per catalog is not needed;
Only the last path.
So, I continued my search for a Cathy alternative.

Nevertheless, thanks for trying to help.

Currently I'm trying/testing "Index Your Files" (
So far, it looks promising.

Recently I switched to Windows 7 64-bit and found out Cathy doesn't run on it.
-zzynx (October 12, 2012, 05:07 AM)
--- End quote ---
What's not working about Cathy, in your situation? 99.9% of 32 bit apps work flawlessly on x64 Windows systems, but I haven't checked the details, so it could be a 16 bit app, and that's definitely not going to work on x64.

Cathy starts up but it shows an "empty document" interface.
And you can't do anything with it; like creating new catalogs.
It also doesn't show my already created catalogs.
So pretty useless. :(


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