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An Idea: Feature One Site from Links page each week


we've got some really nice sites on our links page now, but i'm guessing many people don't bother to check them out.
so i thought wouldn't it be nice if we helped bring attention to some of these cool sites.

so i thought, what if on the front page of the site (maybe in side bar or in main text of home page), we featured a different site each week.  doesn't really matter how we pick them, though the less well-known sites would probably appreciate it more.

and we would just have a blurb about the site and encourage people to check it out.  just a way of helping some good sites get recognized..  what do you think?

would be nice if as members we agreed to visit and take a look at the site too.

it almost sounds like we should be doing a best-of-sites review every once and a while..

Great idea. It would be really nice if you could just have all the sites on the side bar, like you said. Then each each week move some random site (till you have gone through all of them) to the top in larger bold print, with a small description underneath it, then a solid separator to divide it from the rest of the list. Again, great idea. Love the thought going into this site, this is so what people need.  Donationcoder is gonna be a super cool (oh wait it already is, OK even COOLER) resource for softaholics (and everyone else) once all is said & done.

ok, i've made a first attempt at it.

youll see on front page a link which will be updated each week saying "Site of the Week:"

that takes user to links page which now has at top one featured site from the list below, with a longer description of the site.

Very clever!


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