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Testers Wanted for my Game(s) - Asteroid Destroyer

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Hi folks,

I've started a new challenge for myself in an effort to improve my programming skills and give myself more experience making games in Unity 3D. The challenge is to make about 24 games in a year, or about one game every 2 weeks.

My first game was a Pong-clone called Paddles which didn't turn out very well due to procrastination on my part. This time it's an Asteroids-clone called Asteroid Destroyer and I'm not procrastinating. In fact, the due date isn't until this Wednesday (the 10th), and I think I'm pretty much finished with it.

Testers Wanted for my Game(s) - Asteroid Destroyer
So what I'm looking for is anybody who is willing to test it out for me. I need people to try to break it and report any bugs and feedback. I'm probably not looking for any feature requests, since the idea is to keep it simple and without feature creep. But it would be helpful for people to try it out and report any strange behavior I may have missed.

Testers Wanted for my Game(s) - Asteroid Destroyer
You can play it in your browser from this link, which also has links to download standalone executables for Windows (32 & 64-bit) or OSX.

Testers Wanted for my Game(s) - Asteroid Destroyer

"Uninstall" directionsThe standalone game saves high scores and other data using the Windows registry. You can find and remove this data from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Deozaan\Asteroid Destroyer

If you use OSX, high scores are stored in something like ~/Library/Preferences folder, in a file named unity.Deozaan.Asteroid Destroyer.plist

Some quick thoughts:

1. Don't confuse the "limits of the time" with gameplay. Think of Star Trek. When the captain orders "All Stop", he isn't telling the helmsman to "turn around and thrust in the opposite direction and hope you don't drift into something". If I plan a strategic spot to be, I wanna bang a key (numberpad zero?) so I instantly stop right there, facing the same way. Reverse thrusters would be nice too.

2. Where is the teleport? The Oh-$hit option when all that maneuvering didn't work was "hyperspace-and-hope".

No bugs encountered, maybe a little one - when I reached level 3 or 4, the big asteroids appeared relatively close to me or the ship was going too fast and I exploded like 1/2 second after they appeared.

The pause didn't work. Died there.

But, seems pretty good. You might want to up the difficulty level, or add difficulty levels as I was able to play pretty easily, and I usually die pretty fast. :)

I liked the graphics. Nicely done.

The spacecraft seemed to have some pixleation around the edges, but it wasn't too bad.

The explosions were fantastic.

I'll echo the nice graphics and explosions.  The thing about newtonian physics in asteroids was that you could accelerate continuously and continue to gain acceleration- you might want to think about if you want to go full newtonian, not newtonian, or keep it as is.  I'll definitely echo the difficulty level, and not sure what you are going to do for long term playability- after a few levels, the sameness sets in.  Also, a way in the application to adjust the volume other than on or off would be nice.  But nice first shot.


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