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Path too long utilities supere barrier

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This doesn't let you move the files. It only detects paths longer than what you specify in the InputBox:

The main culprit is Explorer.  It doesn't like total path longer than 260 chars.

I #guess# Contro not is asking to be able to handle the too-long-name files other than to be able to rename them.

pathtoodeep is a weird site. I don't think it has been updated for 1½ year. Are their programs updated? $19 for the basic version may sound okay - but the same application with the lifetime rights to get support and to update-if-any-updates-ever-will-be-available is $419 !!
Long Path Tool Full Version is $37 (+ VAT), no updates, no support.

To rename a file/folder is accomplished via move. They're synonymous in this context.

You may be able to use a tool to rename the file but unless the total length can be handled by Explorer then you still have problems. IOW, if the path up to the name is close to or greater than 260 chars then even though programs can create file paths much longer, you'll be hobbled when trying to do anything in Explorer. In effect to get around the issue you'd have to alter the directory path by chopping down the length of the directory names. So in effect you have to move the file someplace that doesn't cause Explorer to choke.

Then the good application may be that one that locate all the chains whose lenght is > 255 chrs.
A good one for that ?
Then we can manually short that ones.

Really I use syncback to sync folders between my pc's and usually shorten, but I would a solution before I have that problem.....


I have this problem less or more often when decompressed folders sets in an own folder. Sometimes exceeded 255 chrs.



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