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Does anyone here use Bitcoins?

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Any Billy Joel fans here?

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh

Bitcoin Girl!

She's been living in her Bitcoin world.
I bet she's never had a Wall Street guy.
She kissed the Federal Reserve goodbye -
for digital dimes.

Bitcoin Girl!
She's been living in her Bitcoin world.
where all her currency is peer-to-peer.
No regulations that can interfere --
unlike my tears.

And when she wakes up
she shakes up her "mine."
Because she knows what she wants:
it's finite supply.

That's when I realized
it is all decentralized!

She's a Bitcoin girl!
You know I've seen her in her Bitcoin world.
She's so over paper money,
which has no value intrinsically.
No stability.


She's the Bitcoin Girl.
She's been living in her Bitcoin world.
Like her transactions I'm anonymous.
Look at her reading the Economist's

Digital wallet in her pocket,
it's strange
that when I'm walking
I'm rattling with loose change.

But there's hope for me yet,
after all,
I've got Internet!

She's a Bitcoin girl.
She doesn't care that I can buy her pearls.
But maybe someday when my public key
creates a brand-new cryptocurrency
she'll pick me.


She's the Bitcoin Girl,
the Bitcoin Girl --
You know I'm in love with
the Bitcoin Girl.

Very, very well done and damn funny! :D

Keep your eye out for the shibe! ;)

@Ren - This one was made for you. Francis Black singing the Ewan McColl song Legal Illegal

Lyrics...Every time you pick up a newspaper,
Every time you switch on the T.V.,
You can bet your old boots that at some point you'll see,
A high ranking Garda or else a T.P.
Calling on all who are meant to be free,
To stand up and defend law and order.

It's illegal to rip off a payroll,
It's illegal to hold up a train,
But it's legal to rip off a million or two,
That comes from the labour that other folk do,
To plunder the many on behalf of the few,
Is a thing that is perfectly legal.

It's illegal to kill off your landlord
Or to trespass upon his estate
But to charge a high rent for a slum is O.K.
To condemn two adults and three children to stay
In a hovel that's rotten with damp and decay
It's a thing that is perfectly legal.

If your job turns you into a zombie
Then it's legal to feel some despair
But don't get agressive and don't get too smart
For Christ's sake don't upset the old applecart
Remember you boss has your interest at heart
And it grieves him to see you unhappy.

If you fashion a bomb in your kitchen,
You're guilty of breaking the law,
But a bloody great nuclear plant is O.K.,
And plutonium processing hastens the day,
This tight little isle will be blasted away,
Nonetheless it is perfectly legal.

It's illegal if you are a traveller,
To camp by the side of the road,
But it's proper and right for the rich and the great,
To live in a mansion or own an estate,
That was got from the people by pillage and rape,
That is what they call a tradition.

It's illegal to kill off your missus,
Or put poison in your old man's tea,
But poison the river's the seas or the skies,
And poison the minds of a nation with lies,
It's all in the interest of free enterprise,
Nonetheless it's perfectly legal.

Well it's legal to sing on the telly,
But make bloody sure that you don't,
To sing about racists and fascists and creeps,
And those in high places who live off the weak,
And hose who are selling us right up the creek,
The twisters, the takers, the conmen, the fakers,
The whole bloody gang of exploiters.
--- End quote ---

 8) ;) ;D

^ havent heard that one before 40 :up:
Sounds suspiciously like a Libertarian (in the U.S. sense) song though :p
and wasnt that partly the reason Bitcoin got going in the first place?

@Ren - This one was made for you. Francis Black singing the Ewan McColl song Legal Illegal

-40hz (July 15, 2014, 06:26 PM)
--- End quote ---

I particularly like the second verse! :)

She could add another verse, because now it's illegal to feed yourself.

Awesome B-day cake!
 (see attachment in previous post)
-Renegade (July 14, 2014, 08:58 AM)
--- End quote ---

Something slightly uncomfortable to me about the design of that Color design is the slant, going from top Right to bottom left, which seems to me to be less than auspicious, and I refer to 1215.,org and in the audio ( I think 1 of the set of three, but maybe it's in the set of 12) about the common law there is some description about the Ties worn centuries ago- and the symbolism of a king drawing a sword from it's sheath, and this symbolism basically emerging as the "No Parking" signs and even the little "lnodrop.cur" y'all are probably familiar with.

This about the coloured coins now, that is an awesome concept, I really like the sounds of that,   as the "struggle" for "advantage" really is about conscious "control & dominion", it's really about fully acting with cognizance fully of the opportunities and effects, and also as fully of those actions of others, both the possibilities and the resulting effects thereof.

   Technology and the net neutrality issue ( I heard about, no idea of its affiliations but through that page I commented about how much I love and USE the INTERNET, seeing no harm in expressing myself, for I've no fear,) really acutely represent the critical issue I think we have going on where we so heavily depend upon rather elaborate schemes of DECISIONS MADE BY OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!

Tangentially- Who "OWNS" communication?  is that what the idea of a common wealth is?  Say communication is the resulting TRANSFERENCE of information, validated and bearing the meeting of the minds difference and concurrence, -- is it an abstraction? Is it effervescent, fleeting? Can one even say they own the continuance of it?   So Who Can "OWN" the Internet?   I can control and exercise dominion over technical instruments, like the keyboard I immediately use- and by all means, right now that's effectively part of the INTERNET as I know it! So I Think there must be competition very freshly and avidly among ISPs and all the rest of the infrastructure as much as is practical and ideal-like....

Take the Java debacle case in point!   Just the sheer amount of calling upon library after library, and all these things from all over the net as "fully stated herein" and the reuse of code to such an extent, not to forget mention of the chips made by other people, and the grid itself and basically what you have then is: SOCIETY! lol!   So what's new!?   Point is though-   I think there needs to be attentive cognizant construction and clarity in the creative possibilities, and of course to the extent possible, transparency....

Guess for the moment that's a BTC 2.0e[whatever] worth... :0)    which I guess roughly at the moment is 625.18   BTCUSD
Though I'm casually looking for something of a higher resolution quote, if anyone happens to be able to help me there, I'd love it!

This forum software is sweet! so far it looks very well thought out and it implements, I think some ideas I years ago had posted about- depending on what this start a new thread (with particular post as new root post of new thread?) thing is.  


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