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Does anyone here use Bitcoins?

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If i seemed to be saying we shouldn't discuss bitcoins at all, then I should clarify my position.  I was only trying to say one should avoid discussions of investment strategies and talking about how much money one is making.

I didn't get a sense, after reading Mouser's comment/request, that there was any feeling on his part that discussing Bitcoin was somehow taboo or unacceptable. What I did hear was a request that the participants refrain from getting into an "investment tip" or boosterism mode when doing so.

I'm not sure I see anything in the discussion that falls into that. Although if you don't know Renegade's unique style of outrageous humor (or if you landed here from Google) you might be forgiven for not realizing none of his comments were ever intended to be taken as serious investment advice. And I think Mouser's comment was being directed more to the occasional forum visitors who might not know that rather than the regulars. And I wouldn't read any more into it than that.

Regarding Renegade's comment IainB quoted above...I'm not at all sure what any of that is about. So in the absence of knowing what led Ryan to decide he'd prefer to take himself elsewhere, about all I can say is "Hail & farewell good friend and colleague! You will be missed. And should you ever change your mind, you know where to find us."



[  Looks like it's really taking off....]

Online electronics store buys into bitcoins as sole currency

An online electronics retailer, Bitcoinstore, has had such a successful trial run accepting only bitcoins for payment that it will continue operating.

Still can't really get behind it 100% until it's possible to pay for the basic necessities with it, (rent, utilities, food) without having to convert it into traditional currency, first.

$171.4/BTC now o.0

How I wish I bought them back in '12 when they were $5/BTC

Hindsight is a heartless bitch.


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