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Nuance PDF Reader - Acresso-FLEXnet agent is Annoyware/Adware WARNING.

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...I see that Gizmo's Best Freeware site lists PDF-XChange Viewer as its top pick:
-cyberdiva (September 30, 2012, 08:28 AM)
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Thanks for that link.    :Thmbsup:
I found it super-useful because it gives a quick comparison between several of the alternative-to-Adobe PDF readers, some of which have been mentioned in this discussion thread (above).

I switched to the free version of PDF-XChange Viewer, which had been highly recommended to me.  I've been very happy with it ever since.  I see that Gizmo's Best Freeware site lists PDF-XChange Viewer as its top pick:
-cyberdiva (September 30, 2012, 08:28 AM)
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I switched based on Gizmo's suggestion too, until I found that the software had some difficulties rendering several work-related forms properly.  Switched to Sumatra and have been happy since then.  However I'm always happy to revisit my choices when something better comes along, so I pulled down copies of STDU Reader and Bluebeam to look at.

Besides PDF Converter Pro 8 (which is the equivalent of the full Acrobat program, not just a reader), which I use for creating and editing PDF files, I also have the free and portable version of PDF XChange installed and I use that for a PDF reader. For in-the-browser PDF viewing if the PDF file is the result of a Google search I click on the "Quick View" link on the search page and it opens in Google Docs. If it is from a link on a web page I have Firefox configured to use its own PDF viewer - a new feature in Firefox 15. Chrome also has its own built-in reader.


whoa...I wasn't even aware of Bluebeam Vu!  Thanks.  I'll have to check it out.  Bluebeam has always made nice products in my opinion.

As for purely readers, my favorite back when I went through them all, was also PDF-Xchange.  Fast and snappy, had tabs, wasn't lacking in any features or customizeable options.  It was so good, it was even worth the $30 or whatever for a viewer only.  I did not like most of the more popular ones like Foxit and similars.  Sumatra is also very good, but it's extremely lightweight.  It's good for reading, and that's about it.  There's also this issue of rendering times in these programs.  Some programs are laid out really nicely and have great features, but they have bad pdf rendering times, which sucks.  That's why for the viewer, I liked PDF-XChange the best.  For any kind of pdf work, I turn to Bluebeam.  And for that matter, the latest Acrobat Pro that I use at work is also pretty great for viewing.  I know it's not worth spending $500 for just a pdf viewer, but the latest X version is nice and fast and everything.  Just FYI, I know it's not practical.

And I'm with IanB on this sort of stuff.  I don't like these software programs that have all these services specifically for checking updates and ads and licensing.  I remember trying Nuance a couple of years ago: it had awesome ratings by just about everyone on the net, and I was looking for Bluebeam alternatives because I didn't want to pay for it at the time.  I tried it out and didn't understand at all what was so great about it.  It didn't do anything much at all better than Acrobat.  It didn't offer the clever and highly innovative features of Bluebeam, it was a huge install with all those services, it was a pain uninstalling it...just awful experience.  I eventually assumed they must have just marketed the product on the web really well.  I hope their flagship Dragon software doesn't have these issues, last time I tried that it was an amazing TTS software.

Biggest problem with Nuance I have found is that despite the fact that they haven't created a damn thing - as someone posted above Nuance has purchased everything they sell from other companies (or purchased the companies?) and then just re-branded them. And then they putout a new major version every year regardless of whether or not they have added anything worthwhile. In most cases I haven't found any improvements but quite the opposite. Keeping up that should completely ruin every program they offer. IMO Dragon Naturally Speaking has no improved since they re-branded it from Scansoft.




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