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NANY 2013: Carbon - website / blogging framework [alpha]

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0.2.3 - refinement and bugfixes:
    config: Admin password now needs to be manually enabled
    cache: Correctly generate htaccess
    deployment: only replace hostnames in text files
    cache: only write cache when caching is enabled.
    theme: remove older articles link (non functional)
    deployment: new feature - replace hostname from a to b before deploying cached site

I also broke a bunch of links by changing my main website to a almost empty carbon install. (old site still available)

Another screencast:
* Creating a new post using the admin interface
* Using the generate site feature to create a full static cache
* using the powershell deployment script to deploy to my host over sftp

In under 2 mins!

carbon with better powershell support (in develop):

My own site is now carbonated (still adding content)

My own site is now carbonated (still adding content)
--- End quote ---

Congratulations, that is a serious accomplishment  :up:

Theme Comments:
I like the semi-transparent top banner look.. one comment though -- i am all in favor of minimal themes, but it feels a tiny bit too much just like its just all one big page of text without differentiation between elements..

You sure you're looking at this?


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