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Name Display problem with group items


I've got a group for launching xplorer2 in a couple different modes.  The regex matches fine, the launcher matches fine, but I'm having trouble with the text display.  I'm assuming I'm missing an error somewhere, but . . . I can't find it, so:

--- ---Explore $$1|c:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2\xplorer2_UC.exe "$$1"
Flatten $$1|c:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2\xplorer2_UC.exe "$$1" /F:1
Find $$1|c:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2\xplorer2_UC.exe "$$1" /F:1 /L

If I remove the $$1 from the names, it works fine -- it displays explore/flatten/find.  But with the variable inserted, it truncates things as shown in this screencapture:

No matter what size I make the column, it gets trimmed like that.  Is it a bug or user error?

seems like abug; ive got some updates to release next week - i'll put this on the queue


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