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Pictures shown twice or more at the same time

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Maybe i'll try to do it tonight -- are you willing to help me test in the next day or two?

Please try this new test version (note it's only exe not setup, so replace your current exe with this one):

It was a bit trickier than you might expect, both because of all the different ways images can get into MPQ (from different directories, from quote books, etc.), but also because MPQ sometimes tries an image out in one cell and then has to reject it if others wont fit in other cells..

SO.. let's see if i got it right.  Let me know.

Note: Not only will this version avoid repeating images on a single screen, it will also avoid repeating images between displays.. SO if you have 1000 images, you shouldn't see it repeating as it cycles (it will repeat after the program exits and restarts, or after screensaver wakes up and restarts).

ps. this beta also supports extracting random frames from video files.  :Thmbsup:

Hey mouser, thanks for the work. I've been testing it (simply replaced your beta MultiPhotoQuotes.exe with the old one.)
There are still pictures shown twice at the same time but I have the feeling it is more seldom now.

Let me have a closer look this afternoon. I will do further tests.


Hmm.. well it should never be happening now.. unless MPQ has no choice because there aren't enough images to fill the screen without repeating.


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