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Pictures shown twice or more at the same time

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Ok I reuploaded and changed name of zip file to make sure it wasnt some glitch.

OOOOpppppssss.... Ok. Downloaded with another browser  :)

Works fine now! Great Job!

Thanks a lot!

Greetings from Black Forest in Germany


Great! Thanks for the help testing.

Hello Mouser,

very sorry. I took a closer look at it and it still happens that images are shown twice...
Took the testing images A,B,C.... again and same effect.

Seems to me that I didn't see it because I have too many images to see it while testing yesterday.

Please have another look at it. Thanks a lot.


Are you sure? Is it possible an older version is running?  I couldn't find any duplicates when running my last test.. Can you test the latest to be sure you are still seeing duplicates (make sure its not showing duplicates only if there are more panels than images).

I've uploaded a new version to:

The only change here i think is that now you can save and restore configuration sets, so that should make it easier to test things.

I'd really like to release a new version today so testing is appreciated.


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