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Pictures shown twice or more at the same time

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I'm testing Multi Photo Quotes and I love it.

While testing I didn't find out how to prevent that a picture is shown twice or more at the same time.

Let me try to explain this: I have a folder with pictures A B C D E F G H inside. 3 Monitors are used with full-screen-image.

Is it configureable that for example first ABC , then DEF, then GEH is shown? (Pic A => Monitor1 // Pic B => Monitor2 ...)

The shuffle-feature is great but often gives Output like AAB, then CFF... or even GGG... Is there a feature to use shuffle with preventing same pic at the same time?

Hope I explained in a understandable way in poor english :-) Thanx a lot for this great screensaver!! And thanks for any help!


It's nice to hear someone is using it.. Definitely not one of my more popular programs.
I agree, I've been meaning to fix that so that it randomly shuffles rather than randomly selects images with replacement.
I'll try to get a new update out in the next week with the feature.

Wow! That's great!! Thanks a lot!!  :Thmbsup: :up:

Hello Mouser, did you already have time for that feature? Would be great! :-) Thanx a lot!

Thanks for reminding me.. I haven't added it yet but I will try to get to it in next week.  :up:


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