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Remote Desktop / mstsc / rdpclip Woes


I'm running CHS 2.13.01, but this problem has troubled me for years.

I usually have at least one Remote Desktop session to another computer running. We are running RD V 6.1.7600 at our company. The target machines are either Win XP or Win 7.

What happens is that the RD process (mstsc.exe) starts using a lot of CPU power on my machine (around 20% in ProcessExplorer on a dual core). CHS is start using around 2-3% of CPU power.

CHS becomes unresponsive at this point. If I kill CHS, mstsc goes back to normal CPU usage. If I kill mstsc, CHS becomes reponsive again. Usually I would not want to kill either process  :)

As I call myself a professional software developer, I think I could handle any instructions to attach to the various processes, and would gladly provide any in-depth information on the topic.



FWIW, I don't think this is a CHS-specific issue; moreso, I think it's a generic clipboard or clipboard manager issue.

I use ArsClip and have occasionally experienced exactly what you describe with RDP sessions.  It doesn't happen that often (maybe once every few weeks) and a reboot of the remote side seems to fix things for me.  Note that I use this RDP session daily for several hours per day so an occurrence once every few weeks isn't that often.

Would it help if you used an alternative RDP Client, like Terminals ?

Thanks for the tips, I will give 'Terminals' a try.


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