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Shit Apple Fanatics Say

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I think that explains a lot ;D

Oh dear.

Stoic Joker:
Apple fans, preprogrammed to worship on demand.

Windows User: Man, this printer is not working on Windows XP.
Apple user: Why you're using that sh*t OS? Get a mac.

Apple user 1: Man, this AIR keyboard is giving me headache these days.
Apple user 2: Why you are using 1 year old AIR? Get a new AIR.

In short, only solution to everything, get a new Mac.  :P

It is a cult. Here's an recent example (link to full article here).

I took the liberty of bolding some of the more "religious" passages... ;D

The iPhone 5 is without a doubt the best telephone on the market yet everyone seems to be completely underwhelmed by it. This has very little to do with the device itself and more to do with the expectations we hold for it. When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, the most sophisticated smartphones were Blackberrys and Treos. It was a touch screen god-send to a world of Motorola RAZR flip phones. It was truly something that had never been seen before. At that point, Apple made it clear they were eight to ten years ahead of any competitor. But that gap has leveled in the last five years. While Apple continues to make the best phone on the market, with the best application community behind it, we’re no longer seeing quantum leaps in their products’ abilities.

Maybe it’s because Jobs is gone. But the iPhone 3G was barely a step up from the original. And the iPhone 3GS was essentially the same device as the iPhone 3G. It was only the iPhone 4 that ushered in a new kind of design sense and internal components to follow. When people complain that the new iPhone isn’t better than the older versions, they really mean to say “It doesn’t look that different. How could it be any better?”

My iPhone is the product I interact the most regularly and intimately with. It exists with my person. The only thing that could challenge it for time in contact is my wallet and I spend a lot less time interacting with that. Before my current iPhone, I had my original iPhone for three years. I refused to let go of it in favor of newer models because the plastic build of the 3G and the 3GS felt cheap and reductive of the personal interaction implicit in the phone/phone-owner relationship. My original iPhone felt right in my hand. The anodized aluminum backing wore where my hands touched it until it was smooth. It is that type of connection between person and product that is seldom possible. In fact, I fear it’s something so rare that to someone who hasn’t owned an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple product the language I used to describe such a bond seems downright silly. The point: the iPhone 5 has—for lack of a more accurate metaphor—soul. And it’s soul is found in the painstaking engineering and design that went into the product. No company but Apple can manufacture something that carries so much life.

The iPhone 5 won’t make your draw drop. It does not present itself like alien technology as the original iPhone did five years ago. It is, however, the best phone on the market for the soul, precision, and standard of excellence it embodies.
--- End quote ---

This is the typical Apple fanbois speil.

Not impressed by an Apple product? That's your fault because you're either stupid (because you're not an Apple customer) or a jaded ingrate (if you are an Apple customer)!

Beginning to doubt the hype? Well...that may be because the demigod Steven Jobs no longer dwells among us mere mortals. So we must expect mistakes to be made now that our lives and destiny are no longer safe in Steve's almighty hands. (This is a favorite fallback whenever some criticism is so glaringly obvious that it's impossible to just wave it away.)

Having problems with that weird erotic/sexual subtext you keep getting? Well, it's obvious you've never had a real relationship with anything or anybody, which makes it obvious you lack sufficient "soul" and maturity to be able to understand. So piss off!

Oh lordy, lordy, lordy...why do we continue to listen to these people? ;D


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