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CHS Request - Appending WindowsTitle, DateTime etc. within the clip

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I would like to request a feature, which will make the lives of researchers a lot less dreary :-)

While collecting background material from PDFs, web pages etc., I as a researchers need to keep on going back to the pdf file name, url, web page title etc. so as to include them in the word file, where I keep such reference snippets.

I am praying for a feature which can (perhaps through hotkey combinations) append information like Date & Time; Window Title of the Source, Source Type, URL etc. to the clip. Such a feature will be invaluable for writers.

Thanks a ton.

Hi m9833.

Can you elaborate and explain a bit more about how you would like it to work and how it would be used?

Hi Mouser,

Thank you for your quick response, and for giving me the opportunity to elaborate on my request.

I generally work on a paper or article by going through a number of other resources including web-pages, PDF and MS Word documents etc. Every time  I find something relevant - some text which I might use as a building block for my own arguments, or perhaps even cite in my article, I simply select and copy it in an MS Word document, which I call my idea book.

I do this researching, copying and pasting continuously over a period of a couple of hours. An important part of any writing is the ability to refer to the source, and in the first place to remember the source of the information one is using. To keep a track of the source of the text, I have copied and pasted, I generally go back to the document, and copy and paste (or type in) tracking information like the Window Title of the original source document, as well as its file name and URL, whenever applicable.

This is a repetitive and exhausting process, especially, when I am right now concentrating on using the ideas I have obtained to create an argument of own.  At times, I even forget to copy the source document's name/tiltle/url and am at a loss regarding, where the idea actually came from.

CHS offers some help to me by allowing me to include operators like %WindowTitle%, %FileName% and %DateTime% in the title of the clip, so that I have a lot of information at one place. But what I would really like would be the option of appending this information to the clip itself. Having this information available within the clip itself, will allow me to straightaway copy the information from a source, and paste it in my idea book, without having to remember and go back to the source multiple times, so as to get the relevant reference information immediately at my fingertips.

Perhaps this feature already exists in some form. If not, from the user's perspective, an option to append such information to the clip, with the help of %..% operators, can be provided in the options and preferences dialog. This way those who do not need this option can simply un-check the relevant preference box.

Of course, even after this information is there in the idea book, one will still need to enter it in a citation manager, for creating a bibliography and standard citation styles. But having such information already together appended to the text would help in making the entire process of referencing and citing a lot smoother.

I hope that my explanation is helpful towards clarifying my request, instead of making it more obscure. :-)

Thanks again.

So you just want to be able to set some option (or use a special hotkey) that will paste not just the clip, but the clip plus extra info, using a kind of "template" that would let you add the extra % fields from the clip that are already stored with the clip.  Is that right?

I think this may have been requested before.  It would be pretty easy to add and I like the idea.  Expect to see it in the next version.

Gee!!!! Thanks Mouser! Looking forward to seeing and using this feature. :-)


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