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How to order clips in menu of virtual folder?

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Sorted here, thanks Ren

For the record (still on-topic)

I believe (but not 100% sure) that the default sort in the pop-up list involves moving a pasted clip to the top of the list (i.e. sort by last use). This is dictated by:

In the CHS window, right-click on the folder and click Edit this group.
Down the bottom are the sorting criteria:  

I find the SQL stuff all very confusing. There's nothing in the help file to explain it.

Looking at the "Custom Menu Sorting SQL" field, I have this:


And I guess that it is supposed to be a WHERE clause, but I don't know what fields are available. The help file lists these:

Fields available for sql statements:

· Index
· UserKeywords
· ClipType
· ParentId
· ParentGroup
· OtherGroups
· Application
· Title
· Description
· ImageIndex
· ExcerptText
· ClipText
· CreationDateTime
· ModificationDateTime
· ViewDateTime
· MarkDateTime
· DueDateTime
· Image
· Thumbnail
· Blob
· IsFavorite
· UserFlag
· UserCheckbox
· UserRating
· Protected

But "Ordering" isn't in there. So, I'm not exactly certain how to use any of it.

For example, can I do this?

Ordering DESC, ModificationDateTime ASC

Or can we try some SQL injection?

Ordering; DROP TABL; -- :P

But "Ordering" isn't in there.
-Renegade (September 07, 2012, 04:24 AM)
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"Ordering" is realtively new so probably help file not up to date.
Just tried ASC and DESC - dont seem to make any difference (? need a restart maybe) but havent otherwise experimented

Related thread - can I add new favourite to "end" of list? but nothing else new there really

I'm running v2.41.0
Just modified the 'Custom Menu Sorting SQL' option at the bottom of the 'My Favorites' Group to this:
"Ordering DESC,ModificationDateTime"
and it works; records with a smaller 'Ordering' value appear first with higher values appearing next

Or can we try some SQL injection?
--- End quote ---

Yep, you will be able to do sql injection on your own clip database and delete it if you try hard.


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