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What's your favorite computer game from when you were young?

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There were no games on the TRS 80.


we used to write silly games on the trs-80; there definitely weren't many.
but there was an assembly-written defender clone that was sold that was amazing.  which i could remember the name of it.

I used to play Conan: Hall of Volta on the Apple IIe.  That was a great game for its time.

Also, I remember typing in the code for games for the Commodore Vic 20 and storing it on a cassette drive.  There was a game I spent hours, and hours typing in from a magazine that I ended up playing anytime I turned it on.   Just can't remember the name...

How about Coleco's  ADAM  ????  I spent 25 years in the Toy Industry.. it was BOG for about 9 months.


There were no games on the TRS 80.

--- End quote ---
I beg to differ:
Check out all the ones with "TRS" in the listing. I didn't know there were so many for HALF these systems...


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