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instant linux on winxp

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I want to have a linux OS on my winxp, without a boot live cd or something, just as I run a portable app or it would still be ok if I have to install it

it must be 100% functional and I should be able to install and work with any linux app

any hint?


Have you considered the likes of virtualbox, vmware, and such?

Have you considered the likes of virtualbox, vmware, and such?
-ewemoa (September 02, 2012, 09:04 PM)
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That's about the easiest way.

You can download LOTS of different Linux distros at the VMware site and use the VMware Player for free.

However, you need to have memory and CPU to use a VM. If not, a live CD/USB boot is probably better.

Take a look at Wubi.

No need for disks, keys. or virtual machines. Wubi installs Ubuntu inside Windows where it can run like any other app.

Get it here.

Does Wubi have a mode of operation that works while Windows is running?

From the Wikipedia page:

  "Wubi adds an entry to the Windows boot menu which allows the user to run Linux."

My memory of its operation was that it required a choice at boot time.  May be I missed something or things have changed?


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