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Boot optimisation software

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I am thinking about having another go at speeding up my Windows XP boot time following complaints from my wife and daughter that the computer is too slow to start up.  I suspect the main culprits are Quicktime and the Bit Defender virus scan which occurs but can't be sure.

In the past I have tried to use Bootvis to work out what is going on.  However I associate these attempts with at least two fatal computer crashes where I have had to rebuild my software setup from the ground up.  So I am very reluctant to use it again.

Can anyone suggest a good boot time optimiser (or analyser)?

Any help would be appreciated.



What I normally do is go into msconfig -> startup, and then take out the bits I don't need.

Then, I install this piece of freeware:

Which alerts you when something trys to set itself to run upon boot. You can then control your boot-time applications, and I find it the easiest way, rather than these pieces of software that schedule things to boot a few seconds after each other.

Hope that helps some,


how long is your boot time now?
install Starter ,disable *all* the startup items and measure the boot time again, if it decreases to less than 25 seconds, then you dont need an optimiser, you only need to reduce the startup items.

my boot time is 20 secs, used to be 15 secs when xp was fresh.

just remember, that like cleaning your registry, such attempts at optimization can frequently lead to situations where something might stop working and you don't notice it's stopped working for a few days and then you can't remember what you disabled and you find yourself confused and distressed.

so just take notes about what you do and treat carefully.

As stated above, use some program to remove the stuff you (and your system ;) ) don't *need*, then install and use Startup Delayer --> I love it!


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