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2.5 GB for Opera - It's Not Running~! =D

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Ok, this is just hysterical~!


2.5 GB for a program that wasn't running even!


Browsers are really out of control, this has become a serious issue. Load a few tabs, a few addons/extensions or a few pages with flash and they are off.

First the FF fx-up, now this... I just wanna know the sites you're browsing.  ;D

chromium has a switch --renderer-process-limit=n

I've tried it. It does cut down on the number of chrome.exe instances. Only thing is I don't know how to restore the default.  One one of the pages it mentions it being set to 42. So I tried running it with that. Seems to put it back to "normal" behavior.

Without the switch the 23.x snapshot I'm using is running 11 instances. I have 3 tabs open adn 5 extensions enabled.  The weird thing is, if I set it to something line 4, the number of instances is reduced. But I don't really see any difference with page behavior.

I just restarted chromium with --renderer-process-limit=4 and with only one tab open and 5 enabled extensions, I have 6 instances of chrome.exe.  I probably won't notice any difference unless I'm using multi-media stuff.

Renegade, not sure what Opera release you're running, but a very recent fix removed the plugin process.
Memory problem might be related. Most likely though, it's just some buggy plug in - which might be why the plug in process did not shut down.
In Opera 12 we introduced out of process plugins to try to reduce the number of times plugins take Opera down. We now see that some Windows users are from time to time experiencing Opera freezing on pages with plug-in content. The issue has been investigated and we found the best short term solution to get Opera at a quality level we are comfortable with is to temporarily remove out of process plugins until we have a proper fix.
--- End quote ---

12.02 is now officially out though.
Opera desktop team blog

It is a pity that opera:cpu does not include more data.
We need an opera:tabs !!


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