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Why not to bother with being "loyal" to Microsoft brands

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-if no other program can do all that OneNote can do, then there is no other program to export everything to, I would say. But of course I don't know.
-Curt (September 01, 2012, 03:11 PM)
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Actually, that's pretty much the crux of it. Nothing else I'm aware of does work or look exactly like OneNote so Curt nailed it with that observation. The organizational structure of OneNote doesn't really have another exact equivalent. So you can export the assets but not the structure. The closest app I've seen that's similar is probably BasKet on the Linux platform. And even that isn't all that close to OneNote.


I had an MS ball mouse for about 8 years of hard work. It just wouldn't die. When I went to replace it, I found that you could no longer buy wheel mice. Everything was laser. :( At the time, laser mice weren't really all that spectacular/accurate, and I was rather disappointed. Maybe I've had good luck with MS hardware. Dunno. I'd buy MS hardware again though.
-Renegade (August 31, 2012, 06:17 PM)
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See mine, MS Laser Mouse, it is old, dirty, skin torn, serious injured and yes! it just won't die...  :P


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