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Go to the folder in the registry (key)

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Go to the folder in the registry (key)

When we are depuring our system we received help about a key very long and we must navigate in the windows registry to find it and make the modification or observ the value.

I would an utility to go directly to those keys. I have observed in the regedit.exe module from windows xp the possibility of favourites. But I would like something more general.

By example :
able to recognize this "path" or "folder" :
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager\Accounts

Is it possible ?
Best Regards


and read the command line options topic in the help file.

Also, regjump by SysInternals:

And regscanner from Nir Sofer

Nice indeed.
The soft from Systernals is from the command line. But useful.
Ther first is payware.
And the third is the most promiseful because have even an option to see a remote windows registry.
In my case, with 6 systems xp on the same pc (  :o  ) I have to see more deep.

Best Regards


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