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removing all the touch-oriented features of Windows 8

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We are going to be walled.
Linux hippies beware! this time you're going to work hard to use this opportunity!

Is win8 lighter and faster as for consuming resources?-kilele (November 21, 2012, 06:27 AM)
--- End quote ---

it's hard to say here, I have 7 on an i5 desktop and 8 on a lower end laptop.
8 boots incredibly fast which is great on a laptop - but would make zero difference to me on the desktop...
I suspect if you google it, that someone has done a head to head comparision

Maybe this situation with Windows 8 could turn out to be a new opportunity for the alternative shell scene (what's left of it, that is).  :huh:
Quick google search implies nobody's tried Win8 + Litestep or Blackbox.
Time will tell...

Well, Stardock has already come out with an add on that brings back the Start Menu to Win 8...


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