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Firefox 15 less of a memory hog

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I just tried installing. No bookmark toolbar. I just didn't want the hassle so I took it off. 14.01 is good enough for the time being.  Chromium is my primary anyway. I mainly bring up FF if the site balks with the multi-media delay(I set chromium to block everything and right click to run video/audio clips etc.. some sites can't handle that hitch in the timing.)

-MilesAhead (October 06, 2012, 09:11 PM)
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I think it's there, View-Toolbars, check on Bookmarks Toolbar.

Maybe it's off by default. I personally don't use/like bookmarks so I have it off for the vertical screen space.

It's checked in View Menu. But even though I have a folder named Bookmarks Toolbar, it doesn't display it. I forget how to get SyncPlaces to download. That fixes all the bookmark stuff in one go. Guess I just didn't have the patience to mess with it.  14 seems good. :)


Random tidbit of news: is misbehaving since I downloaded the beta. I tried disabling a couple of the add-ons, but I'm not sure what all is going on yet.

There are a few sites using Flash that I cannot keep open without Firefox freezing. Even locks up Windows Explorer. is one; anytime I open a product page Firefox becomes non-responsive. Others have reported the same. Also, at times I can easily view movies, etc. on Amazon's Instant Video library; other times it freezes Firefox completely. Weird...



Haven't run into to many Flash issues recently. But YouTube does occasionally lock up FF15. Still.


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