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Fake Reviews: Amazon's Rotten Core

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Stoic Joker:
if ISPs only actually accept email from certified users then spam would be seriously reduced and prosecutions more effective.-Carol Haynes (August 29, 2012, 11:18 AM)
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That's only one leg of the journey. Much of the mail flow is server-2-server making the user (and their cert) slightly irrelevant. All email spoofing is done at the S2S level/leg of the journey. So to have the entire trip certified end-to-end via encryption would put a hell of a lot of extra load on the servers.

...if ISPs only actually accept email from certified users then spam would be seriously reduced and prosecutions more effective.
-Carol Haynes (August 29, 2012, 11:18 AM)
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I don't know how much it would reduce spam. It would only make spamming a slightly bigger technical challenge. And that would only be short-term.

Although I'm certainly sure it would make the persecution prosecution of private individuals (not businesses or scammers) who commit so-called email offenses more widespread and effective.

Carol Haynes:
Certified email already exists - I don't really understand why it can't be made mandatory.

I don't see why every stage of the journey would need to be different to now - you could leave the certificate verification to the last leg of the journey - ie. the POP or IMAP server accessed by the user - just bin anything that doesn't have a valid certificate before it gets to the end user.

I think it would remove a lot of spam - one of the main features of email systems at the moment that makes spamming so easy and lucrative is the ability to abuse servers and remain anonymous. If spammers were easily identifiable it would remove a lot of the incentive.

It would also be useful if emails could be automatically tagged with tracking info as they pass through servers.

Geo Referencing IPs is so easy these days it would be really good to see a human reable geo location list of where the email originated etc. added by every server it passed through.

I want to note that I love Amazon, and I wouldn't say this issue is Amazon's rotten "core" -- it's absolutely a hugely important and corrupt aspect, but not the core of what makes Amazon special.

If I had my way, SEO fscktards would be publicly tortured, they're ruining the interwebs.
-f0dder (August 29, 2012, 02:28 AM)
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-Renegade (August 29, 2012, 02:41 AM)
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Only if they crucify the spammers first.

...and the lawyers, and the politicians.  And especially the lawyers turned politicians.


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