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I had created this a while ago so I can quickly copy a text file and paste the contents to an email. Since then I have decided to make it much better (and it was also requested on and release it here first for beta testing before I post it on my site.

Copy Contents adds a context menu item to files allowing you to copy the contents of that file to the clipboard. Supported files are plain text files and image files (jpg, pcx, png, bmp, tga, gif, tif).

Please download the final release from

This looks very useful. Trying it, thanks  :up:

I wrote about it

Very interesting tool, but, as usual I'd say :), I have a few feature requests:

* #ask# with several options, resulting in a combobox with the predefined values to choose from (or #select#:item1:item2)
* date and time formatting options
* moar #var# predefined variables, like environment vars, system parameters, etc.
* variable replacement in rtf files
* additional, configurable, file extensions allowing variable replacement
(when more things come up I'll toss in a new post)

@rgdot: Thanks for the write up, one thing though. You got the Replacements backwards on your screen shot. The #ASK# should be on the With This... side. When the input box comes up, the Replace This... is replaced with what the user enters. This is still in beta testing also, so you might want to add that to your post as well.

@Ath: Good ideas. I'll try to get some of these added.


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