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Images unexplainably changed

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I have hundreds of photos downloaded from Internet. I have perfectly fine-tuned those photos with regard to brightness, contrast, colours etc... I look at them by the viewer of Windows Xp.
Few weeks ago some of those photos, and some of them only, suddenly appeared slightly red. I perfectly remember to have fine-tuned them too.
Such thing, really unexplainable, has thrown me in a deep uneasiness and uncertainty.
I am sure my question is hopeless: can you explain what has happened?

Does your software save embedded color profiles?
It can to may lead to many issues in various applications (i.e. Firefox or others).

And more:

Check your video display settings.
When this happened to me, it was because I had put everything onto a new laptop, and then, noticing that the very nice display screen was too bright for my eyes, started frigging with the video display controls. This included the brightness, contrast, colour and gamma settings. I got the display to a state that seemed to suit my eyes/perception, and then noticed that images I had in my Picasa database and that I had previously tuned to perfection on my old laptop+display did not look quite right now on the new and adjusted display! (Not surprising really when I thought about it.)

What you see on your display is what you perceive from the display after the computer graphics have translated the image for you according to video display settings. If the display or its settings have been changed somehow, then the same images that appeared fine before may well look different/odd now.

I reconciled the variability in my case with the fact that any published images had been adjusted in good faith and that it was too tedious to go back and readjust everything.
Belts and braces recommended: I could always go back to the originals in Picasa if I wanted, as I rarely delete or overwrite important image originals.

A problem encountered in the past.  Spent many hours [supposedly] fine-tuning images 'til they looked just right (for a Website).  Then I saw them on someone else's machine and they were kinda shabby.  After that, saw them on someone's Mac, and they were putrid/horrid/unpretty.  (See sidebar:  I didn't learn.)  The absolute best you can do is tune them for your particular system and ignore, if possible, how they'll look elsewhere.  My rule has become:  don't mess with 'em ... not worth the effort.

I also did the same thing for a somewhat important corporate meeting.  The projector made a total hash of all my efforts, even rendering some of the images incomprehensibly.  I did not get a gold star for that presentation  :-[ :P.

Seems like a screen calibration is necessary. Maybe you use a different color profile on your monitor. Or a different color profile from the driver software from your video card.


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