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Paste As File has been updated to v2.1.0.0

I have changed the UI to allow easier editing of the file name without having to also type the extension.

It now also supports pasting as RTF (rich text format) files. This will allow you to copy formatted text from applications such as Microsoft Word and paste as a RTF file and keep the text formatting intact. There are some applications that may not keep the formatting when pasting to a RTF file. You will just have to test your application to see.

More info and download on my site: Paste As File

There is also a write up on Instant Fundas about Paste As File!

Another write up on  :Thmbsup:

A video review on!

And many more...

Very nice, and excellent write up! :up:

Do you want to improve that further?

- Paste as TXT
- Paste as HTML
- With chose as which format to paste if there are more then one format in clipboard.

Also i want to use this app from command line instead as from context menu.
I imagine to include such an tool as an button into an file manager.
Therefor i would need three parameters:
* /P Path to the folder to store the file, like 'C:\temp' or '%P'
* /N Name of the file to created, like 'clip_%date%'
* /F Format to paste as, like 'HTML' or 'ASK' to prompt the user with the dialog


PasteAs /P:%P /F:txt

where name is the default Clipboard_20120825


It can already to other text formats. Just change the extension. So if you copied HTML code, just choose Paste As File and change the extension to HTML, or any other plain text file format. I use it for TXT, PHP, HTML, CSS and DSC just to name a few.

I think I may be able to add command line support. I'll look into that.

Mentioned on Freeware Genius:


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