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Paste As File

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The Paste As File menu item on an XP system is on the FOLDER context menu as stated in the help file and on the download page on the website "Notice: Windows XP will have the menu item on the folder context menu, not the background menu."

As for the uninstaller, I'll look into it as I have not had any reports of this before. Might need to set admin for this as well.

Thanks for letting me know!
-c.gingerich (December 13, 2012, 07:11 AM)
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  I didn't see it in any menu, folder-wise or background.  How would it work for a file if the app only works in the folder menu?

It takes the folder path as the parameter and the pastes the file into that folder.

pasteasfile mentioned on dottech today:

Cool. It's an old version I think but still, thanks for letting me know!


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