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Toolsley - browser based tools


Hi there,

Just wanted to let you guys know about our recently launched website at
We make client-side, pure-JavaScript tools for modern web browsers and currently focusing on tasks that used to require desktop applications in the past.

A couple of examples:

Hash & Validate - hashes any local file with md5, crc32, sha1 or sha256. Can also create links that allow others to easily validate files against a hash ( example link )

Toolsley - browser based tools

File Identifier - an HTML5/JS port of the UNIX "file" file identification tool and libmagic, identifes files without having to upload them anywhere or install any tools

Toolsley - browser based tools

Feedback is always welcome!

Nice - thanks for posting and welcome to DC.

Only problem is that I was hoping that "JPEG Stripper" might make my photos more interesting.  But unfortunately, it just strips meta-data.

^  ;D

Welcome toolsley

Hahah, that did occur to me too. It was actually a last minute rename from "Sanitizer".
We'll keep it for comedic value :Thmbsup:


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