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IDEA: sort of launcher for command lines with parameter in a pre-defined place

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Edit 2 : Huh, I ran WinButtons by dragging and dropping the ConstanceJill.wbuc file on the EXE and it looks like it's working OK, except the "close" button isn't responsive (?)
-ConstanceJill (October 21, 2012, 06:11 AM)
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Drag&Drop is in fact a feature of WinButtons, but not in the way you seem to expect: It hands the file to the drop-action defined for the button you drop the file(s) on, it doesn't use the .wbuc file as a configuration to open... (but I could make it do that, sounds quite logical, now that you mention it...)
2 possible easy ways to run that configuration file:

* Rename the file to WinButtons.wbuc and run WinButtons
* or
* Use WinButtonEdit to register WinButtons as the default handler for the .wbuc extension (Options/Set file association for .wbuc/Open with WinButtons), and double-click or right-click/Open the file1 somewhat less easy, but still convenient, way to run it:

* Create a shortcut to WinButtons.exe, and add -f ConstanceJill.wbuc to the command-line (including a separating space from the exename)

OK, thanks for the clarification :}

Edit : looks like I can't get the \n trick to work in the latest version of CRAP ? =(
-ConstanceJill (October 21, 2012, 06:11 AM)
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Re download and see now. I also got a new check box in to tell the button to ignore the variable field. :)

Also something that is in testing phase but appeared to work in my right click on a button now and also anywhere in the button panel. (Backup your custom file while testing it tho in case something does wipe the custom file clean.)

All new info and such for CRAP will goto ->

An update was released for WinButtons (drop-a-wbuc-file-to-load-that support) and also a minor update for WinButtonEdit (bugfixes) in this message, click through to the release message for some screenshots, and the official downloadlink.

Thanks again guys :}

I think I'll stick with hamradio's implementation, since it's the one closest to the idea I had.


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