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IDEA: sort of launcher for command lines with parameter in a pre-defined place

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Hello there :}

I work in some sort of help desk and have been "dreaming" lately of some GUI program which I (and maybe my co-workers) could use as a customizable remote administration console.
I looked for various types of launchers or other "parameterizers", but couldn't find what I need.

Selector first seemed close to that, but still, somehow lacks some things for my needs.

So, without further ado, I guess I should explain how I see the thing…

Main features / requirements :

* A GUI driven program, to be run under Windows (32/64 bits), which would have :
 - a text field where the user would type or paste a "target" : for the usage I have in mind, we would enter there either a networked machine's hostname or IP address
 - a zone with user-definable action triggering buttons (from now on, let's call them "button")

* For each of those buttons, the user should be able to define :
 - a caption (displayed either on the button or near it, up to you and depending on whether or not some of the optional features —see further below— are implemented)
 - a command with optional prefix parameters string (let's call that whole string "prefixcmd" from here on)
 - additional parameter "suffixes" : the user would not be required to enter some, but it is necessary that he would be able to
 - it must be possible for the command to be a .bat/.cmd file, it must NOT be restricted to .exe files (like Selector seems to be, from what I've seen)

* The user should be able to create more, modify or remove individual "buttons", if possible from within the GUI itself (for example by clicking a dedicated button, or by means of a right click/context menu from the empty space in the window) ; if not, by editing a human readable config file

* The buttons list should be saved in a portable config file anyway (please, not in the registry)

* When the user clicks the action button, the program concatenates prefixcmd+target+suffix (without "+" or anything) and starts the resulting command line

Optional Features that would be pretty nice if you have enough time for it :

* let the user chose an optional custom icon for each button

* while the mouse cursor is over a button, display the concatenation of the command that clicking that button would send, either as a tooltip or in a status bar

* ability for the user, when editing an action trigger button, to add some flag for the program to ask confirmation before running that command (useful for "shutdown-like" commands ^^'

* a most recent targets list

* a "favorites" list ; the user should be able to easily add the "current target" to his favorites or load a target from his favorites list

In case you'd need a name for the program, well I've been thinking about it… though I could not settle on something definitive, I suppose something around the lines of "Customizable Remote Administration Panel" (or in short "CRAP") would do ? xD

Of course, don't hesitate to ask if you need me to rephrase something, give more precisions, if you have suggestions etc. :)

Well, not even a single reply after a whole month has passed… did I do anything wrong in the way I asked ? :/

did I do anything wrong in the way I asked ? :/
-ConstanceJill (September 28, 2012, 01:37 PM)
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it's very clearly laid out!
Hopefully the bump will help get a response.

Selector[/url] first seemed close to that, but still, somehow lacks some things for my needs.
-ConstanceJill (August 23, 2012, 02:27 PM)
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might be an idea to ask MilesAhead in that thread if he'd consider adding additional functionality to Selector.

This does seem like something that might be doable with my Find and Run Robot program (or with a plugin for it?).

Hi, ConstanceJill, and welcome to the site.  I had meant to reply to your original post but it slipped my mind.  Apologies.

In regards to your request, does it have to be physical buttons on the GUI?  Interfaces like that can get really messy if you plan on adding a large number of these commands.  What about using a listview where you can double-click a row to run a command.  Or, highlight a row and click a single button to run a command?


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