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Simplifying Your Computer

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+1 with above three posts.

There reaches a point where you just want to start from scratch and do a clean install, if for no other reason than to be sure you have a factory fresh registry to work with.

I keep a list of my must have apps. When things reach a certain point I reinstall the OS off a previously created "gold" image and go from there. And if you keep an updated offline WSUS archive somewhere, installing the usual 250M worth of Windows updates doesn't take very long or chew up your bandwidth.

My cleanups used to be:

-- Buy new computer.

Then I moved on to:

-- Buy new hard drives.

Now, I think I'm going to go with just restoring from backups. :) (This is the first system that I've run total system backups every day. I have a dedicated 2 TB drive for it.)
-Renegade (August 23, 2012, 06:02 AM)
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I almost don't care that much about any other piece of hardware.  Hard drives have been one of my favorite "things" since mid-90's.

i think when you get to wanting to uninstall 100 programs, that's when you are probably better off formatting the hard drisk, and installing a clean coy of windows, and just reinstalling the programs you use on the new clean pc.
-mouser (August 23, 2012, 05:20 AM)
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+1 just what I would suggest.

Just last week I hauled off 3 old boxes to the dump. They have a section there which recycles electrical waste (hopefully in a better manner than the Colorado outfit highlighted on "60 Minutes"). Its really hard to throw away perfectly operational devices, but doing so is quite liberating. Now its onto the still-usable pile destined for goodwill...

Stoic Joker:
I haven't flattened my primary machine since I built it in (iirc) 07 ... I upgraded it from Vista to 7 when 7 came out, but haven't done anything since (I do enough of that at work). I might take it on up to 8 ... :-\... But I gotta make peace with 8 on my laptop first.

Cleanup = deleting whatever test VM I'm done with, and grabbing a fresh copy from the archives.

Hmm, reinstalling the OS bothers me, it's that crossover point where my skills start to fail. But in a sense, this machine is getting pounded from all corners, from the Hard Drive caution note in the other thread, to it was my primary test machine for all my projects, to the fact that I'm kinda racing the clock to get past Win8 Was-Metro to know what my future machine will be. So I'm mostly happy just to let the OS do its thing with uninstall, and hang on for the ride. Then if I ever pay off my bills, my next comp would be Windows 9 or something.


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