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Find and Run launches with SFN - Opera problems


Running WinXP here and F&R 1.05.12.  When I run Opera 8.0 normally, I don't get prompted to set it as the default browser.  When I run the Opera desktop shortcut via F&R, I do get prompted.  I figured out the reason: F&R launches applications using SFN, rather than LFN.

I can duplicate the issue from an ordinary command line: If I run c:\progra~1\opera\opera.exe, Opera gets confused.

No doubt Opera shouldn't be confused by this, but is there some reason F&R uses SFN, or any way around it?

fascinating, i never heard of that problem, but it makes sense.

i will try to add an option to handle this, or else make it always use Long File Name version.. i can't remember the exact reason i use SFN.


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