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QuickPaste Menu Operation

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Hi, I just installed CHS, looks great. I do have one question; when I left click on the CHS icon on the system tray the QuickPaste Menu pops up, which is what I want, but if I double click one of the clips to paste, taste operation does not paste. Is this normal operation. Using Ctrl+Alt+Q the QuickPaste Menu works fine.

I'm trying to remember if its a bug or by design.. It copies the clip to the clipboard when you select it from tray.  My memory is that it should also copy it into the last active program, but it seems not.  It may have been that I thought it would be better to just copy it to clipboard and not try to paste anywhere, to avoid unexpectedly pasting it into an app didn't expect that to happen and just wanted it copied to clipboard..

I'll have a look -- the least I could do is make it an option.

ps. Welcome to the site.  :up:

That would be great if it were an option. I'm mouse-centric and I've been looking high and low for a clipboard manager that I can easily access with a mouse from the task bar or system tray. So far the only one I could find is Clip Mate, I like CHS features and ease of use better though.

Any chance of it happening soon?

Try this version:
(just install over current version).

NOTE: to get the new feature to work you need to go to the Interface Options tab and check the new checkbox at the bottom labeled "After selecting clip from system tray left+click menu, paste into last active window."


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