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Really enjoyed your article.It was long :) but done very well.
The concept of DonationCoder was very well considered and implemented.
It is my belief that the concept serves as an example how things can be done the right way.
It's my wish that coders wordwide join DonationCoder to form
the largest repository of software anywhere.
It would create a more equitable situation for freeware developers.
Again,thanks very much.


Thanks for your support 4vrqrisPt.

Now that we have the microdonation system set up we are going to make soem more changes to make it easier for donationware authors to make a home here.

does your forum name have a meaning?

Yes,it's the corrupted :) contraction of forever curious !
and I'll be that way till the day I die :)


A great article, Mouser. :Thmbsup:I think you did just fine in capturing the spirit of the site.  I have to tell you that I am delighted to be a member of this forum.  I have discovered a lot of new software and avoided some others all through the advice of my fellow software junkies.

I'm a little bit late, but still, you deserve good recognition for this one!
Great article, really enjoyed reading it, and it gives a very good idea of how DC's first year was, and how you (and other contributors) are really into making DC a great place. (even better than it is right now ;) )

Thanks!  :Thmbsup:


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