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Mouser, can you code systray?
it would be nice to have a custom systray, independent from the official one.

Can you elaborate what you had in mind?

Can you elaborate what you had in mind?
-mouser (August 13, 2012, 02:48 PM)
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a toolbar with all systray icons, including the ones set to invisible.
my taskbars (already using actual windows manager) simply have not enough space to have the systray show all items all the time.
so my idea is to have a toolbar with all of them. what i found out so far is that it seems to be a problem to retreive info about the hidden items.

i think about using a key combination similar to alt-tab to bring up a toolbar/window with all systray items, also aware of the click options each item has.
when those even can be overwritten, then i am really happy.

i use quickmacros as tool also for scripting my windows ->
and also made a request in the actual tools forum ->
and asked in the german c# ms forum ->


Oh I see what you are asking for.. yeah that would be nice but not so simple -- and not for me.

There are some system tray tools we have talked about in the past; see here:


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