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What do you desire from your job?

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Job Satisfaction works like a Canary Server!
"I was not humiliated at work today."
"I was not humiliated at work today."
"I was not humiliated at work today."


-TaoPhoenix (August 03, 2012, 03:55 AM)
--- End quote ---

Ouch!~ That's pretty bleak!

My top priority for a job isn't even on that list.  :huh:

1. The job (or the commute) should not cause me physical pain that makes me wish I were dead.

2. High income, which at this point for me is higher than people are willing to pay me, but lower than what most people I know make.

3. No danger of being fired. Being out of work could very well mean losing everything I own and ending up homeless.

4. Work important and gives a feeling of accomplishment... but more importantly, I need to feel appreciated.

5. Working hours are short; lots of free time - this would require a lot higher pay rate than previously stated. And one thing I can't handle is too much free time on the job. I need to be kept busy or it's likely to become extremely anxiety inducing, accompanied by feelings of incompetence, which could push me into quitting.

6. Chances for advancement -  I am not into hollow titles that are more prestige and more work without a suitable pay increase...been there, done that, and quit over it. I won't put up with being in charge of 10 departments and getting paid less than the girl that was hired to kill feed the fish and overwater the plants, ever again.

If I felt like going back to work, (which I don't), then:

* The job should be interesting.
* Not entail more than a total of one hour commuting per day, (although I'd make an exception to that if I was paid to drive the Dingo/Rabbit-Proof Fences).
* As far away from people as possible and still get a once a month postal service.
* Enough money to cover basic needs, (food, shelter, fuel).

From a job as opposed to a career or my life?

* Money
* Responsibility
* Visibility
Just like most other geeks.  ;)

Well, up until a few years ago it was

* Money.
* The ability to advance my skills/challenge
* Money.
* Work environment, i.e. I get to work how I want
* Money.
Now its...

* Relative Security
* Money
* Work environment, i.e. I get to work how I want
* The ability to advance my skills/challenge.
I agree with the part about advancement being quite the illusion- it's basically in the eye of the beholder, but on to my points...

I totally agree with the fact that security is not all it's cracked up to be- but there is a relative level of security that you can maintain if you watch out.

Along the lines that security is very much not what it used to be, I need to be paid- that's the primary transaction.

I'm working for someone else, but I work better and am more productive if allowed to work how I work best, and not how you think I should work.

And being real about the security bit, I need to be able to keep up with the market in a real way so that if the bottom does fall out, I can say that I've used practical skills in a real-world environment, rather than on some hobby project.


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