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Happy Birthday C=64

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Can't remember the name of the game anymore, but I think it required 3 disks and you commander of a team of people. And you commanded a space vessel, you could board other vessels in space, battle in space, travel through solar systems, excavate planets for stuff to buy and sell, enter the planet's cities and houses, trade with the locals etc. Quite extensive, especially for that day and age.

-Shades (August 04, 2012, 05:23 PM)
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Were you thinking of Frontier: Elite II by Konami/Gametek?

I wouldn't think that Elite II fit the description of what he was talking about.  But... there's plenty of info about it to say if so.

Wikipedia Linkw

Official Page

Retro Reminiscence article

It was an amazing game- but also a lone wolf type of game.

Elite II never captured the charm that Elite had, if you´d ask me.

The game I talk about I saw while visiting a local computer club annex copyshop (in more ways than one).

Interesting (and lengthy!) article about old  and/or fading computer games.


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